Sign-Up now for Kettlebell Sport Workshop

On Saturday 12th and Saturday 19th August I will host 2 Kettlebell Sport Workshops aimed at kettlebell sport lifters who want to develop their technique and improve their lifting ability. The workshops will offer the opportunity to identify and work on sticking points in your lifting and develop your efficiency and power under the bell and so help to increase your overall reps and time.

The focus of the days will be on working through the technical aspects of the three main competitive lifts: jerk, snatch and long cycle. Jerk and Long Cycle on 12 August and Snatch on 19th August. The technique and mechanics of each will be broken down with the aim of giving you a comprehensive understanding of the principles behind each lift and identifying how you can improve and advance your technique and results.

Technique principles will be reinforced with practice and training sets throughout the day and I will provide individual technique analysis and feedback. He will also work through drills and assistance exercises to help progress your training.

Places are limited to 10 people and payment is required to secure your place.

Please send an email to to book your place and make your payment via paypal


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