Kettlebell Sport

I have been been training and competing in Kettlebell Sport since 2010. As National Champion and Irish record holder, I compete internationally at both World and European level and placed 3rd at the recent 2017 IGSF World Championships in Greece.

I coach kettlebell athletes nationally and internationally online.  12 of my athletes have recently attained podium positions at Europeans or World championships in 2017. I have coached athletes to achieve CMS, MS & MSIC ranks and coach multiple national and world record holders.

If you are interested in receiving online kettlebell sport coaching, please contact me at 086 2094615 or email

Practical Workshops and Seminars for Kettlebell Sport Lifters
Throughout the year I run kettlebell workshops and seminars at various locations throughout Ireland and the UK, in 2017 also Canada. Many of these workshops are carried out in partnership with world renowned kettlebell lifter Abigail Johnston from Scotland.  The focus of our workshops is to work through the technical aspects of the three main competitive kettlebell lifts: jerk, snatch and long cycle. The technique and mechanics of each will be broken down with the aim of giving you a comprehensive understanding of the principles behind each lift and identifying how you can improve and advance your technique and results.

If you run a venue that is looking to hold a kettlebell sport workshop or seminar, or if you are part of a group of lifters looking for experienced coaches to deliver a workshop for you, then please get in touch and we can discuss options.
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