Personal Training

Are you tired of doing the same workouts and getting nowhere? 

Do you have difficulty sticking to an exercise routine?
Have you being trying a new diet every few months and end up back at the same weight or heavier?
Do you need injury rehabilitation?
Do you need to improve your athletic performance?

                Then my Personal Training service may be the solution for you!


No two people have the same lifestyle so you need a unique personal training programme that’s right for you. Personal Training sessions can take place in my studio or outdoors. It is also possible to take semi-private training sessions  with your partner or friend or in a small group ( 3 people maximum). You can also opt for semi-private training if you don’t have people to work out with as I can include you in an existing group.

As your Personal Trainer I will

  1. Tailor workouts to suit your personal goals
  2. Motivate you
  3. Give regular fitness tests, body fat analysis and updates
  4. Conduct posture and movement screening
  5. Give Dietary evaluation and advice
  6. Ensure progression
  7. Educate you on health and fitness
BONUS:  My daily fitness classes are free for all my personal training clients.
Do you want to look, feel and perform better than you have ever imagined?
Now is that time….What is the next step?
Contact me now to arrange your consultation.  Call 086 2094615 or email
At the consultation, we will discuss your current exercise program, your health history and your lifestyle habits. I will assess your strength, posture, range of motion and flexibility. I will also conduct a body fat analysis. I strive to gain an integrated understanding of your needs and long-term goals prior to building your programme.

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